Greek Book Restoration and Re-bind

Anastasia came to us with a dilemna: she had borrowed a book about her fathers Village in Greece, and wanted to make a few copies of the original, which was in very poor condition

After carefully separating the text block from the remnants of the original cover, we set about removing all of the original sewing, ready to be manually duplicated.

Not quite an easy task, though. With as well worn a text block as this one, each individual page needed to be scanned and created as a digital page, then reassembled to its correct order.

The original was re - collated, and some pages were repaired to enable  section sewing (sewing through the fold)

The replicated copy was printed on loose leaf pages and sewing using a method know as cleat sewing.

Once sewn, both were glued and left to dry overnight, reinforced with calico.

The original cover was in three pieces, and required a reback spine to attach the front and back covers .

The copied book required a brand new cover in matching book cloth.

For the foiled artwork on the new cover, we hand drew the artwork form the original, digitized it and formed a magnesium plate.

The spine artwork and lettering was matched by researching close matching fonts and borders. A magnesium plate of the spine was also formed.

This was a slow and tedious process, but the end result was well worth it. 



Doncaster Bookbinders 1.jpg
Doncaster Bookbinders 3.jpg
Doncaster Bookbinders 2.jpg
Doncaster Bookbinders 4.jpg