One Plate Menu Covers

in Mid July, 2017, One Plate Director and Co-Founder, Thérèse Nichols contact us to see if we would be interested in supporting the upcoming One Plate Feast, by way of supplying printed menus.

Being Bookbinders first and foremost, and recognising the amazing reach that one Plate has to impact those less fortunate, we decided to do a little more than menu cards. And true to our principle of creating custom bespoke products to fit the ideas of the customer and purpose of the product, we set to work over the coming months

In consultation with the One Plate team, we devised a great solution. One that represented the true elegance of the evening, but also maintained the theme of impacting children and families in other parts of the work without impacting on their and our environments

We chose a sustainable covering - synthetic Italian Imported black Memory PU, combined with hard wearing and long lasting buckram lining. Complimented by Gold eyelets and black double satin ribbon menu holders, and finished using the One Plate logo debossed in gold on the front.